Shin Shin’ core operations do not market products or services in Bangladesh, therefore their social sustainability philosophy is based more on social intent rather than economic focus. There is a decentralized framework, where control of CSR activities is given to the Divisions / Strategic Business Units, under an over-arching focus on education, health, sport and environment to uplift living standards and create positive change. Operating in rural settings, infrastructure development has always been a key need in resource poor communities.

CSR programs in brief

  • Donation to hospitals, School, local community & underprivileged people.
  • Student Scholarship for employee baby.
  • Annual Picnic/ Cultural Programs.
  • Winter clothes distribution.
  • Employee Marriage Anniversary celebration.
  • Employee performance award.
  • Long time/short time loan provide to employee.
  • Blood for life-an innovative voluntary blood donation program.
  • Relief aid in natural disasters.
  • Tree plantation program.
  • Vaccination for pox.
  • Patronization of merit.
  • Celebration of wedding & birthday.
  • Festival gift & greetings for staff of all religions.
  • Celebration of Pahela Boishakh-Bangla New Year.
  • New Year’s dinner/lunch.
  • Iftar party in the holy Ramadan.
  • Transport facilities for the workers and staff.
  • Skill development programs.
  • Environmental and Eco-friendly activities.
  • Innovative approaches for women empowerment.
  • Employment for people of disability.
  • Medical service to staff & Workers.